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Motorcycle and ATV Accidents


Motorcycle & ATV Accidents Attorneys

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A driver is required to maintain proper control of his or her vehicle at all times. Unfortunately, distracted driving has lead to many tragic accidents. Red lights are ignored, drivers operate a vehicle while impaired, speed limits are disregarded, people text messages or talk on cell phones while driving. Each action could lead to a lifechanging accident and some of the most severe and devastating injuries.

Our firm is experienced in handling all aspects of these cases, from making first party claims, to third party claims, to claims for uninsured and underinsured motorist benefits. We will swiftly investigate your accident, notify all responsible parties and provide representation until recovery is obtained.

The team of Porta-Clark + Ward LLC has handled claims for car accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, bus accidents, and ATV accidents. We accept all cases from those involving soft tissue injuries to those causing death. Consultations are free and there is no charge for attorney's fees or costs unless recovery is obtained on your behalf.

What to do if you have had a motorcycle or ATV accident:

1. Call 911
2. Get the other driver's name, address, insurance information, drivers' license number and license plate number.
3. Get the name, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses to the accident.
4 .If possible, take some photographs of the vehicles invoked in the accident and the accident scene.
5. Seek medical treatment if you arc injured.
6. Call your insurance company and report the accident.
7. If possible, take photographs of your injuries.
8. Do not agree to provide the other driver's insurance company with a recorded statement.
9. Call our attorneys for a free consultation.