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Social Security Disability


Social Security Disability Attorney Serving Pittsburgh, PA

The attorneys at Porta-Clark & Ward specialize in helping people prepare their claims for social security benefits, and in appealing rejected social security claims.

What to do if you are filing for SSD/SSI:

SSI (Supplemental Security Income): You will be eligible for SSI if you are “disabled” and your household income and assets are below the maximum allowable amount.

SSD (Disability Insurance Benefits): You will be eligible for SSD if you are “disabled” and you have worked enough in the past to be considered “insured” at the onset of you disability.

Once you have filed your “initial application”, and your claim has been denied, you will receive notice advising you that you have 60 days to appeal the determination by filing a request for a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.  You have the right to have an attorney assist you in the completion of your appeal paperwork, as well as the right to have an attorney represent you in the subsequent hearing before the Administrative Law Judge.  If warranted, an “on the record” decision can be requested which, if granted, could alleviate your need to appear at a hearing to testify.  Even if such a request is denied or not warranted, an attorney will help prepare both you and your file for the hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.  To that end, it is very important to understand the burdens of proof and how Social Security defines “disability” in its determination regarding your eligibility for benefits.  It is also very important for the preparation of you and your file to begin as soon as possible. 

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